Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Homebase Visits to Diana Isaac - Housie Time!

Over the past three weeks, our students have been visiting the residents at Diana Isaac Retirement Village to learn how to play housie. They absolutely loved their time with the residents and keep asking when their next visit will be!

Excerpt from Ryman Healthcare's News by Lindsay Harrison

Residents at Diana Isaac recently enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon playing housie with the children from St Francis of Assisi school in Mairehau. Most of the children had never played housie before, therefore our resident Jack Brunton stepped up to the mike to provide some pointers. 

The children soon got into the swing of it but were a little shy at first to call out ‘housie’ when they won! But that didn’t last long! Once their confidence grew, so did the noise level! Jack was there to keep the children in line, calling ‘order, order’ when everyone got a little too excited. 

Some residents sat down with the children to help them along, whilst others handed out the prized lollies for the lucky winners. Jack kept the children entertained with his clever number calling, reminding the children to listen out for his age, number 28!!!

There was laughter and smiles galore with the children already wondering when their next housie game would be. As they set off to walk back to school all sugared up for their parents, Jack exclaimed, “Gee, I’ve never had so many nice faces looking up at me!” 

Photo Credit: Lindsay Harrison

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