Sunday, 20 May 2018

Photos from Kaupeka's LIVE IT Caritas Fundraiser Challenge - One Day of Difference for a Lifetime of Change


We held our 24 Hour LIVE IT Caritas Challenge on Friday 18th - Saturday 19th where we fundraised for the women in Timor-Leste. Click here to view a detailed version of our timetable. 

We begun the day with Mass, followed by a whole school anti-bullying assembly for anti-bullying week. We were then lucky to have a visit from Matthew Mark, City Missioner, where our students became more aware that poverty doesn't just exist overseas, it also exists in our own backyard. In the afternoon, we held a three hour MOVE IT challenge, two hours of sporting games were spent with Mairehau Primary School and the final hour of games as a whole-hub. During this final hour, we also held a SWEAT IT market, where our students sold secondhand toys, books, games and DVDs - donated by our wonderful St Francis of Assisi School Whānau. The students then spent time constructing their cardboard box shelters in teams with the help from our amazing parents and Year 10 students (siblings of current students and were students of SFOA in 2016). We then shared a plain rice dinner, cooked by the fabulous Miss Parish and parent helpers. We spent the evening playing games together, giving out awards for creative student shelters and writing a reflection on the following questions... Click here to view the questions. We all then spent the night outside in our shelters, with parent help and teachers taking shifts to supervise the students throughout the night. 62 students stayed overnight for our challenge - all said they greatly enjoyed this experience and were toasty warm in their shelters! Early 6am risers helped butter bread for breakfast. We finished the morning packing up our shelters, reflecting through prayer and playing games together.

A massive thank you to the following people for helping make this fundraising event the fun and smooth-sailing success that it was;
  • Matthew Mark, City Missioner (for sharing your journey at the City Mission with us) and  Jerome Toomey (for organising this worthwhile learning experience for our students).
  • Year 7/8 students and teachers from Mairehau Primary School (for re-arranging your afternoon so that you were able to participate in our MOVE IT challenge with us).
  • Blair Walker, Josie Simpson, Nicki Purdon, Becky O'Brien and Vince Walshe (overnight parent help - this event wouldn't have been possible without you!)
  • Jackie Lilburne, Susan Duggan, Kelly Sullivan, Nicola Wathne, Andrew Webb, Emma Twaddell, Jane and Craig Baxter, Darryl Chambers and Anita Andrew (for helping build student shelters - they really appreciated your help).
  • Year 9/10 students - Finn Andrew, Jem Lilburne, Michael Flanagan, Caleb Middlemiss and Josh Luxford (for helping build student shelters - they really appreciated your help).
  • Charlotte Parish, Ana Elliot, Angela Lewis, Leanne Flanagan and Kim Goggin (for cooking our rice dinner - yum yum. You all did an excellent job co-coordinating this).
  • The amazing parents who reconstructed Miss Wilson's and Miss Hansen's cardboard box shelters that had collapsed (originally made my students and recreated at 9.30pm by parents - thank you for providing us with something to sleep in!)
  • St Francis of Assisi School Whānau (who sponsored the Year 7/8 students, lent us rice cookers and donated cardboard boxes, newspaper, string, duct tape, tarps, secondhand items and for your outstanding level of support throughout this event).
  • Whitney Hansen, Siobhan Cummings, Nicki Purdon and Parents (for helping transport students to/from Friday Evening Basketball and Waterpolo).
  • Tony Francis and Vince Walshe (for taking trailer loads of cardboard boxes and newspaper to the dump on Saturday morning - this was greatly appreciated!)
  • Louise MacKay, SLT, BOT, Whitney Hansen, Siobhan Cummings and Charlotte Parish (for purchasing extra resources for this event and for your time, organisation and support throughout this event - thank you!)
To our wonderful Year 7/8 students - thank you for taking ownership over this Fundraiser, for helping design this experience, committing to it, gaining a great amount of sponsorship and for your outstanding level of efforts and consideration towards others during our challenge. This has been such a meaningful Social Justice learning experience for all of us and the Kaupeka teachers are so proud of all of you. Your one day of difference will create a lifetime of change for the women and families of Timor-Leste. We will count up of how much has been fundraised this week!

We will also be holding another SWEAT IT secondhand market on Friday 25th May in the Library from 3pm-4pm. We still have a large amount of secondhand toys, books, games and DVDs still to be sold! Everything is only $1-$3. Make sure you keep this date free in your calendars! 

Please check out our student blogs over the next week to read about their experiences during our Caritas Challenge! 

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