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Kaupeka’s Caritas Challenge 2018

The following information was sent to you via email on Linc-Ed on Wednesday Evening. If you have not received this email, please check your junk/spam folder otherwise email and the information will be resent to you. 

Dear Parents,

The Catholic character of St Francis of Assisi Primary School involves teaching our students the gospel values of Christ. Included in these values is our call to work with and for the poor. As young people enjoy learning through experience, we will hold a Caritas Challenge event so that our students will have an opportunity to experience (in a small way) some of the challenges faced by those living in poverty on a daily basis. Through this unit we are realising that children still have a lot of learning to do in order to understand what the realities of life are in third world countries. We would appreciate if you discuss some of these issues at home.

Our Goals:
  • To develop our students’ awareness of poverty and social justice.
  • To enhance our students’ understanding of some of the real issues faced by millions of people in the world everyday through a simulated experience in a safe and enjoyable context.
  • To raise money for the work of Caritas in alleviating poverty.

To achieve these goals, the following guidelines apply:
  • The Caritas Challenge will be managed according to risk management principles.
  • Safety will be based on established legal, health and safety documentation.
  • Students will be encouraged to raise money through sponsorship for the Caritas Challenge.

Caritas Challenge Event: 
  • Main Challenge (LIVE IT) - our students will build a temporary shelter from cardboard, newspaper and tarpaulins and sleep in it overnight. This will enable our students to experience what living without a home feels like. Students will fundraise for their 24 hour demonstration of solidarity with the poor and homeless. Students will be in (same gender) groups of four for this challenge. The two genders will be separated on different courts within the school grounds. There will always be adults awake and supervising throughout the night. If the weather does not permit for this challenge, we will move this challenge inside the Kaupeka Hub and Library. We will notify you via email if this changes on the day. 
  • Mini 3 Hour Challenge (SWEAT IT) - our students will be collecting second hand books, toys, or board games to sell at a second hand market. This will be held at school in the Library from 3pm - 4pm on Friday 18th. Students from across the school and their families are all welcome to attend the market. Students have been asked if they can donate any of the above items that are no longer needed at home. These can be brought in between now and the challenge. Please ensure all puzzles and games have all their pieces.
  • Mini 3 Hour Challenge (MOVE  IT) - our students will participate in various sports and physical activities for 3 hours straight. This will provide our students with a taster experience for what travelling long distances to access basic necessities feels like. If the weather does not permit for this challenge, we will adapt and move the physical activities indoors.
Expected Outcomes:
  • All funds raised during Kaupeka’s Caritas Challenge in 2018 will go towards supporting HAFOTI in Timor-Leste. 
    • Providing equipment for making a range of local products.
    • Developing women leaders.
    • Providing equipment for making a range of local products.
    • Supporting the marketing and selling of goods.
    • Training women to learn skills to create new local products.
    • Building production centres in districts where HAFOTI members work.
  • Providing our students’ with a deeper awareness of Social Justice. 
  • Meeting the goals outlined above.

Event Date & Timetable: Term 2, Week 3 - 9am Friday 18th May - 9am Saturday 19th May.

We are trying to make this simulated experience as relevant and realistic as possible. We will be eating less over this 24 hour timeframe to gain an understanding of what it is like to have very little...
  • Please provide your child with a bigger breakfast than usual prior to this event.
  • Please pack your child lunch for Friday 18th May (no packet foods, only fruit and sandwiches).
  • Please do not provide any morning or afternoon tea snacks as we will be going without. 
  • For dinner on Friday 18th May your child will receive a plain rice meal with a glass of water.
  • For breakfast on Saturday 19th May your child will receive bread and butter with a glass of water.
  • Your child is allowed as much water as they wish to drink during the challenge timeframe.
Can you help us source any of the following items to make our challenge a success?
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Newspaper
  • Rope / string
  • Second hand toys, books or board games
  • A large soup pot to cook our shared rice meal (this will be returned)
Note: It would be preferable if you wouldn’t like your cardboard boxes, newspaper or rope/ string back as they are likely to not be returned in the same condition. Please let us know when donating these resource(s) if you require them to be returned. 

Each Kaupeka student will need to bring… 
  • Tarps (each group of four to provide this amongst themselves)
  • A torch 
  • A sleeping bag and/or blankets and/or (as many as your child wishes to bring) - no pillows 
  • A thin mat e.g. a yoga mat to sleep on
  • Warm clothes including a jacket (to wear during the day and overnight)
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Any medications that your child needs
  • Packed lunch (no packet foods - aim for fruit and sandwiches)
  • A drink bottle - water only
  • An overnight bag including your child’s gear for the 24 hour challenge
  • (Please help us to make this simulated experience as realistic as possible for your child).

Fundraising Information - Week 2 Monday - Week 3 Friday
Your child will be bringing home a Caritas Challenge Participant Sponsorship Form on Monday 7th May, which will need to be handed in by Friday 18th May 9am. Your child is welcome to collect another  Participant Sponsorship Form once their form, cash and cheques have been completed and handed in to Katherine Wilson.

Example of fundraising form:
Sponsor Name
Contact Details
Amount Donated Online
Amount Donated Cash/ Cheque
Tick if Sponsor Requires a Receipt
E.g. John Smith
03 595 0730
Yes / No

Sponsors can donate by…
Online at (scroll down, click ‘donate,’ fill in the online form - our school/youth group is ‘St Francis of Assisi School’ and our unique code is SFOA.’
Cash or cheque (to collect and hand in to Katherine Wilson to deposit).

Note: Caritas will supply official receipts (if requested) for donations over $5 once they receive both the sponsorship and coordinator’s forms. (This is likely to be by the end of July).

Prior Commitments/Absences during Challenge:
If your child needs to leave school at any point during the challenge to attend sporting or other commitments, please indicate this on the Parent Permission Form. Please come into school to collect your child and let Katherine Wilson know so that she can mark your child as offsite until you have returned them to the school grounds.  Your child will always need to check in and out with Katherine Wilson.

Students who play school Water Polo or Basketball on a Friday night will be transported to and from school by the school van or by parent transport. Please email Whitney if you are happy to help with this -

Forms to Complete by Monday 7th May 2018 (see email for links to forms)
  • Parent Permission & Absences Form 
  • Parent Help Form 
  • Student Participant Form 

Student Cell Phone Use
It is important that this event is a realistic, simulated experience for our students, therefore they will be going without a few of the luxuries that they are lucky to enjoy on a daily basis - such as no use of digital technology for 24 hours.

All students who bring their cell phones to school during the challenge will be required to hand them in to their homebase teacher on arrival (prior to 9am on Friday 18th May). These will be handed back to the students as they leave the challenge (on Saturday 19th May). 

Photo opportunities will not be missed over the 24 hours, the teachers will take these and share them with you here on the Kaupeka Blog. 

Student Behaviour
You will be contacted and your child will be sent home if their actions and behaviour is considered unacceptable during this event.

Contact Information
If you need to contact your child or the staff over the 24 challenge timeframe, please ring the school office on 03 595 0730 or Whitney Hansen. 

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to email your child’s homebase teacher or 

We appreciate your support in making this fundraising event a success!

Kind regards,
Whitney Hansen, Charlotte Parish, Siobhan Cummings & Katherine Wilson

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