Sunday, 20 May 2018

Kaupeka Diana Isaac Retirement Village Visits 4-5

In Week 2 and 3 we had our final small group visits to Diana Isaac Retirement Village. Malia, Claudia S, Grace, Tiana, Liana, Jorja, Mieke and Joe created lava lamps with the residents. The residents loved experimenting with different colours with the students. They then created slideshows on Google Slides with the photos taken from the lava lamp making. Jelena, Amber G, Methuli, Aleisha, Katie, Kayla, Hannah and Hamish taught the residents how to code a ‘Ghostbusters’ video game on Scratch. They adapted the character's on this game around each resident's interests. Both groups had a great time making connections with the residents. We look forward to going back for Homebase visits towards the end of this term where the students will learn how to play Housie! 

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