Monday, 16 April 2018

The Arts - Painting, Weaving & Drama

On a Wednesday afternoon our students participate in various Art workshops; Painting, Weaving and Drama. Each student will get to opt into two of these workshops which will run for half a term each.

Drama Presentations 

In Drama we have been learning how to use Drama elements and techniques, such as;

  • Emotion - facial expressions.
  • Atmosphere - using space and focus.
  • Conflict - tension and mood.
  • Language - sound and tone of voice.
  • Movement - timing, rhythm, body language and actions.
Once we had experimented with each element and technique through Drama games, we applied our learning to a short one minute skit. Each pair and small group did a great job presenting their learning to our workshop group! Some groups even made some props and organised themselves a costume to go the extra mile with the visualisation of their skit. Check out the slideshow below for a snippet of our acts!

(If you cannot see the slideshows and are viewing this post by email, please click onto the Kaupeka blog).

This term we have focused on three different methods of painting - stippling, sponging and sketch and wash. The children had the option to choose which media they chose to portray their PBL topic. Below are some examples:

Come into Kaupeka when you have a free minute to check out the rest of our artwork!

Throughout Term One, in weaving, the participating students completed self directed projects. This meant that there were a variety of different projects that were selected and created by the students. I was impressed with their dedication to learning the skills involved and their willingness to help others. Many have their projects on display in the hub for you to come and have a look at. Also see the photos below to see examples of the projects and the students working together to complete them.
A big thank you to Mrs Bowler for providing us with all of the flax used!

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