Monday, 16 April 2018

Kaupeka Diana Isaac Retirement Village Visits 1-3

This term, some of our Year 7/8 students have been visiting the Diana Isaac Retirement Village. This is was an outcome from our 2017 Term 4 Community PBL project. Last year our students enjoyed making connections with the residents so much that they requested we continue visiting in 2018.

Half of the Kaupeka Team chose to opt into these visits, with a group of eight students visiting the Retirement Village each time. Each group carefully planned their session with the focus of teaching a variety of different digital tools.

In Week 8, our first group (Monique D, Charlotte L, Anna, Trent, Alexis and Phoebe I) spent time getting to know the residents by asking them to share their childhood experiences. Our Term 1 PBL focus is based around New Zealand history. It was really interesting for our students to hear firsthand what it was like living through World War Two. This group of students then shared their own personal learning stories through their student blogs with their residents. Check out Charlotte's blog to read about her experience at Diana Isaac!

In Week 9, our second group (Lilla, Petra, Harriette, Micaela, Penny, Gaby, Ellen and Evelyn) designed a QR code scavenger hunt for the residents. They linked their QR codes up with quiz questions based around historical New Zealand events. The students had a great time supporting the residents to find and scan the codes using their Chromebooks. Read Petra’s blog to hear more about how the QR code scavenger hunt.

In Week 10, our third group (Samantha, Monique R, Tamera, Roza, Amber G, Joanna, Olivia T and Oliver E) brought Ipads to Diana Isaac. They showed the residents how to create a story using ‘Book Creator’ and how to design a puppet show using ‘Puppet Pals.’ The residents had a wonderful time exploring these apps! 

(If you cannot see the slideshows and are viewing this post by email, please click onto the Kaupeka blog).

We have a couple more visits to go on in Term 2. Our fourth group (Malia, Claudia S, Grace, Tiana, Liana, Jorja, Mieke and Joe) will be demonstrating how to create lava lamps and then showing the residents how to create a slideshow using Google Slides with the photos from the science experiment. Our fifth group (Jelena, Amber G, Methuli, Aleisha, Katie, Kayla, Hannah and Hamish) plan to teach the residents how to code a ‘Ghostbusters’ video game - we can’t wait to see how these turn out!

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