Monday, 30 April 2018

DXC Global Coding Challenge

Our Year 5-8 students had the opportunity in Term 1 to sign up to the Global DXC Coding Competition. Teams were entered as collaborative groups of three as part of the challenge requirements. Throughout Term 1 these teams self-managed their time to code a 2D game on Scratch. Each game had to have a purpose, overcome obstacles, defeat an opponent, include 'how to play' instructions and be original.

The teachers are so proud of the dedication each student put into their collaborative Scratch project to meet the requirements and deadlines, especially over the holiday period!

A massive congratulations to the following students for their outstanding coding efforts throughout Term 1;

SFOA Coders: Tamera, Mia (Year 6) and Samantha - Gummy Adventure Game
FunForGames: Trent, Joe and Oliver - Pakour Shootout Game
Mega Monekys: Ben, Naz and Ethan B - Ship Survival Game
Superstar Coders: Adam, Lorenzo and Hannah - Space Saviour Game

Check out and play their games below! 

Feel free to comment and provide our teams with either compliments or constructive feedback - please make sure to do this in a positive way!

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