Saturday, 17 February 2018

Term 1, Buddy Time for Week 1 and 2

In week 1, we met our awesome Paiaka buddies and got to know them! We will be catching up with them every second week on a Friday after assembly.

In Week 2, the Kaupeka students used their Chromebooks to co-write a story with their Paiaka buddy. However, they had to share the writing of the story by rolling a dice. For example; if the Kaupeka student rolled a three then they would only get to write three words, then it would be their Paiaka buddy's turn to roll the dice to finish off the sentence. This was a lot of fun and the students all came up with some great stories! Once they had finished writing, the Kaupeka students showed their buddy how to use Google Drawings to create a picture to go with the story they had just created. 

Ask your child to show you their story!

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