Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Political PBL - Jo Hayes (National MP)

This term, Kaupeka has a PBL focus of Community and how it is influenced by Politics

Our big driving question for this project is...
 "Why is Government/Leadership necessary/unnecessary in a Community?" 

Our sub-questions are; 
"What influences do Governments have over their Communities?" 
"Why is it important to critically examine different points of views?"

The Kaupeka Team were so engaged during the visit from Jo Hayes. They asked some great questions and took notes collaboratively on their Chromebooks. 

At 9.30am this morning, we were extremely lucky to have Jo Hayes visit our school and share her knowledge with us about her role as an MP for National. Jo Hayes is currently campaigning to win the Christchurch East Electorate. Most of our students in Kaupeka live in Christchurch East. She gave us some great advice for the parties that our students are creating. Over the next few weeks, our students will also be campaigning in the hopes of being elected to govern our school.

Some of our key takeaways were...
  • Go at the Policy, not at the person.
  • Can join the National Party at age 13 - Young Nats.
  • Slogans show who you are and what you are stand for.
  • Have thick skin (take criticism as an opportunity to improve and don’t let it bring you down).
  • Do what you have to for the party first, keep your Mana intact.
  • Everything you do affects your party/team.
  • Be honest... Do what you say you will.
  • Apologies always go a long way.
  • Support the community. Talk to them. Listen to them.
  • Have a purpose and a plan.

Thank you so much Jo Hayes for your time and expertise this morning!

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