Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Political PBL - Dr Duncan Webb (Labour Candidate)

This term, Kaupeka has a PBL focus of Community and how it is influenced by Politics

Our big driving question for this project is...
 "Why is Government/Leadership necessary/unnecessary in a Community?" 

Our sub-questions are; 
"What influences do Governments have over their Communities?" 
"Why is it important to critically examine different points of views?"

The Kaupeka Team were enthusiastically involved during the visit from Dr Duncan Webb. They asked some awesome questions and took notes collaboratively on their Chromebooks. 

At 1pm this afternoon, we were extremely lucky to have Dr Duncan Webb visit our school and share his knowledge with us about his role within Labour. Dr Duncan Webb is currently campaigning to win the Christchurch Central Electorate. He spent time with each of our Kaupeka parties and helped grow their policy ideas. Over the next few weeks, our students will also be campaigning in the hopes of being elected to govern our school.

Some of our key takeaways were...
  • Advertise on websites, in places that are popular and that most people use. Communication is the key!
  • Be kind to everyone to gain their trust.
  • However your leader acts is how your party will come across to others (reputation).
  • Labour’s Really Ending Poverty Using Tactics And Trusting In Our Niceness - spells reputation.
  • Make the gap between the rich and poor smaller.
  • Tell the people what you’re going to do and listen to their ideas/needs.
  • You can’t help everyone but you can try.
  • Distinguish ourselves from the others. BE ORIGINAL AND DIFFERENT. 
  • You need the people to help you. 
  • Take every opportunity given and make decisions based on what you think is right.

Thank you so much Duncan Webb for your time and expertise this morning!

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