Saturday, 12 August 2017

Digital Badges

Throughout the year the Kaupeka students have been learning about Cyber Safety and becoming a Digital Citizen to ensure that they make smart decisions online. 

You will begin to see Digital Badges appearing on your child's blog under the following concepts; Smart Learning, Smart Relationships, Smart Footprint and Smart Searching. There will be three tiers (Gold, Silver and Bronze) that your child can earn. You will be able to see which badge they have achieved by what has been uploaded onto their blog. Each badge shows the level of understanding that each student has within each concept. 

The first Digital Badge that majority of the Kaupeka Team has earned is a 'Smart Learning' Badge for Google Docs. Each student participated in a Google Doc Challenge in Term 2 to show which features they knew how to use and apply on Google Docs. See the badges below.

Please check out your child's blog and feel free to comment! 

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