Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Term 2, Week 10 - Friday Notices

Friday 7th July

What an exciting last day of Term we all have to look forward to! 

Mid Winter Breakfast 7.30am

Everyone is welcome for a mid winter breakfast of pancakes and sausages at school. Please also bring along a cup for Milo! The coffee van will be there too.

Winter Accessory Mufti Day

Please dress up in warm mufti with winter accessories, eg hat, scarf, socks etc. There will be spot prizes for the most interesting accessories!

Pyjama Water Safety Lesson (AM)

All students are encouraged to wear an old pair of pyjama for their final swimming lesson on Friday. This is a water safety lesson. The purpose is for students to gain the awareness of what it is like to be in the water wearing clothing that weighs them down and what they should do in this scenario. Students will still need to wear their togs underneath their pyjamas. If pyjamas are not an option for your child, please provide them with clothing that is similar. 

The Kaupeka team will need to wear their pyjamas to school as they are first up for swimming lessons - please bring mufti to change into afterwards!

Kaupeka's Cultural Food Fair 12.40pm

The Kaupeka team have been working hard all term on their Culture PBL with the driving question of; what is our identity as a school? 

Our students have investigated their own cultures to plan and design our very first Cultural Food Fair at SFOA. Each group will be preparing food to be purchased by students and games to be played during lunch time on Friday. (The food stalls will represent the chosen cultures). 

Check out the menu below...

Please note that there are a limited quantity of each and that each item will be sold on first come first served basis.

Reminder list for Friday
Your child will need to...

File:Check mark 23x20 02.svg - Wikimedia Commons Bring a gold coin donation (mid winter breakfast).
File:Check mark 23x20 02.svg - Wikimedia Commons Be wearing togs and pyjamas (water safety lesson).
File:Check mark 23x20 02.svg - Wikimedia Commons Bring winter mufti (to change into).
File:Check mark 23x20 02.svg - Wikimedia Commons Be prepared for the Cultural Food Fair (advertisements/games/cooking to be done at school).
File:Check mark 23x20 02.svg - Wikimedia Commons Bring correct change to purchase food at the Cultural Food Fair (optional).

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