Monday, 31 July 2017

Term 2, Science Investigation Awards

A big congratulations to our Term 2 Science Prize Winners (check out the slideshow above).

Kiera & Petra - First Equal.
Are student eye-witness reports accurate?
Does the surface texture or shape of different foods effect how fast they can flow through a funnel?

Sam C - Third Place.
Do athletic students have a greater lung capacity than non-athletic students?

Jorja - Principal's Choice.
What are the size and weight limits of a home made robotic hand?

Naz - Teacher's Choice.
How far can a catapult throw a variety of objects?

Anna M - People's Choice.
How do differing ratios of bath bomb ingredients affect the time taken for the bath bomb to fully dissolve?

Henri - Presentation Award.
Which vinegar will make the biggest eruption apple vinegar, malt vinegar, or white vinegar?

A massive well done to the determination, hard work and amazing learning that occurred during each individual student's science investigation. We are very proud of your efforts!

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