Saturday, 6 May 2017

Term 2 Assembly

Congratulations to Petra, Ashley, Will and Corban for receiving this week's Principal awards. 

Petra received hers for being true to herself and taking on opportunities with enthusiasm.

Ashley received hers for treating everyone in Kaupeka with kindness and for including others in group learning.

Will received his for taking charge of his learning with a positive attitude.

Corban received his for being a supportive and respectful student when working with others.

2017 Librarians

A big thank you to our 2017 librarians for their outstanding service and dedication to our School Library so far.

Peer Mediators

Our Year 7/8 students are starting a new leadership journey. They will each be taking turns to be out on the playground as Peer Mediators. This is where they will be supporting junior students with any minor issues they might have during break times. 

Watch the Peer Mediator theme song below or click here!

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