Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Kaupeka Camp Highlights - Glentui

The Kaupeka Team had an awesome time away on camp despite the miserable weather. We shared lots of laughs together, established great new friendships, enjoyed seconds and thirds for almost every meal and challenged ourselves during our daily activities. All adults on camp were so impressed with how our students overcame different obstacles and how everyone persevered in the rain with a positive attitude!

A big thank you to our wonderful parent helps (Jacinta, Jonathan, Julian and Blair) for helping to make our camp such a success! Thanks to all families for your delicious homemade baking - the leftovers will be shared with the Kaupeka Team throughout the last week of term.

This is how we spent our excitingly jam-packed four days together...

Day One; (Tuesday 4th April)
  • Bus ride to Glentui.
  • Safety briefing and luggage offload.
  • Waterfall walk and packed lunch.
  • Bunk room set up and unpack.
  • Games room/ free time.
  • Dinner (pork roast) and dessert (cheesecake).
  • Shower time.
  • Supper (home baking and fruit).
  • Quiet indoor games or listening to an audio book (Miss Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children).
  • Bedtime.
Waterfall walk.

Hanging out in the dining hall.

Excited to be at camp!

Team meeting and safety briefing.

Games room/free time.

Hungry for dinner!!!

PJ ready!

Day Two; (Wednesday 5th April)

Each student participated in four of the following rotations depending on which activity group they were in (Star Wars Breakout EDU, Team Building, River Safe Canyoning, Indoor Challenges, Abseiling, Swimming Pool, Survival Shelters Bivvy Building and Games Room Free Time).

  • Breakfast (cereal, toast and spaghetti).
  • Rotation one.
  • Morning tea (home baking and fruit).
  • Rotation two.
  • Lunch (chicken burger buns and wedges).
  • Rotation three.
  • Afternoon tea (home baking and fruit).
  • Rotation four.
  • Dinner (lasagna and garlic bread) and dessert (ice cream sundaes).
  • Shower time.
  • Camp concert - we had so many amazing acts!
  • Supper (home baking and fruit).
  • Bedtime.
Indoor challenges - marshmallow/spaghetti tower edition.

Indoor challenges - blindfolded (putting cups on chair legs) edition.

Team building - balloon volleyball.

Bivvy building!

Bivvy building and wet-suit ready for river canyoning!

Bivvy building with all smiles in the rain!

Star Wars Breakout EDU. 

We love ice cream sundaes!

Camp concert ready! Gymnastics and magic tricks...

Harry Potter in 99 seconds...

Hitchhiker drama skit...

Lip syncing!

Day Three; (Thursday 6th April)

Due to excessive rain, Abseiling and River Canyoning had to be cancelled for safety reasons. The group's who missed out on these activities will go back to Glentui for a day trip at later in the year. To replace these rotations, the students were involved in more team challenges (such as; a newspaper fashion show, relays, quizzes and games). 

  • Breakfast (cereal, toast and spaghetti).
  • Straw, Balloon Challenge.
  • Rotation five.
  • Morning tea (home baking and fruit).
  • Rotation six.
  • Lunch (mince nachos and wraps).
  • Quiz.
  • Rotation seven.
  • Afternoon tea (home baking and fruit).
  • Rotation eight.
  • Free time.
  • Dinner (pasta bake) and dessert (chocolate moose and cake).
  • Shower time.
  • Liturgy.
  • Trivia and Kahoot Quizzes.
  • Supper (milo, home baking and fruit).
  • Bedtime.
Straw balloon challenge - be sure to check out the videos!
Some of us were even game enough for a swim!
In the games room, battling Mrs Bryce...

Lots of laughs in the games room.

Memory challenge.

Newspaper fashion show.

Relay challenges.

Day Four; (Friday 7th April)
  • Breakfast (cereal, toast and spaghetti).
  • Pack Up and Clean (we were the first group ever to pass bunk room inspection the first time - we have some amazing cleaners! Hopefully this will translate to our bedrooms at home...)
  • Morning tea (home baking and fruit).
  • Orienteering.
  • Lunch (sausage sizzle and pizza).
  • Bus ride home.
Disappointed to be leaving...

A beautiful last day!

Enjoying some time in the sunshine!

All tuckered out.
Taking in the scenery one last time.

We will always treasure our time at Glentui!

Especially this sideways movement that became our camp dance theme... 

Make sure you check out the video of our hilarious dancing (click here).

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