Sunday, 26 March 2017

Kaupeka Student Blogs

Throughout Term One, the Kaupeka Team have been learning about Digital Citizenship. We have looked closely at 'smart relationships' and at keeping ourselves safe online. We have also focused on 'smart learning' and having a 'smart digital footprint.'

Our students have each been set up with a blog under our school domain. This is where they will share their school learning and successes. They know not to share any personal details about themselves online and that they need teacher approval before publishing anything onto their blogs. Please ask your child to share our blogging expectations with you and how they will be creating a positive digital footprint for themselves.

All students from the Kaupeka Hub are very excited to share their learning with you and most have written their first 'welcome' post. A new page has been added onto the Kaupeka blog to access individual student blogs. You will find this next to the 'Home' button - labelled 'Student Blogs'. 

It would be great if you could please follow your child's learning journey by entering your email address into their personal 'follow by email' gadget on their student blog. This means that you will be notified every time your child posts something new (just like on the Kaupeka Hub Blog). If you are not able to find the 'follow by email' gadget then your child may not have added it yet. Please remind them to do so if they haven't already. 

Please feel free to comment on your child's blog. This will encourage each student to be proud of what they are publishing and will show them how authentic their audience is. It will also provide them with really meaningful feedback on their learning!

You will find the 'Student Blog' button at the top of our Team Kaupeka Blog.

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