Saturday, 18 March 2017

Kaupeka Hub Expectations

Over the past 7 weeks, we have been exploring "what it means to be a successful member of the Kaupeka Team?" Together, we collaboratively designed our Hub Expectations through PBL to promote ourselves as successful learners.

Kaupeka Hub

We will...
Be inclusive of everyone and celebrate each other’s differences
Be true to ourselves
Take ownership of our mistakes, and recognise mistakes are a part of life
Take responsibility for ourselves and our actions
Follow in the footsteps of Jesus
Support younger students to live the values of St Francis of Assisi
Contribute ideas, and “not be hitchhikers in a group”
Treat everyone with kindness
Have a growth mindset and be open to new ideas
Articulate and justify our thinking
Have a positive attitude towards everything we do
Have integrity
Take charge of our learning
Allow opportunities for everyone to share their ideas
Listen to and respect everyone’s thinking
Build on and support other people’s thinking
Make positive choices around who we learn with and where we learn
Show empathy towards others
Take pride in our learning and strive for our best

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