Saturday, 11 February 2017

Wednesday Drama and Science Rotations

Every Wednesday afternoon for the rest of Term 1, the Kaupeka students will be involved in Drama and Science learning. The students are split into two groups where they enjoy 45 minutes of each rotation. This week, the Science focus was a colour blind test and the Drama focus was learning about character facial expressions through emotion. Check out the students in action below!


The students were very curious to find out who in our team were colour blind! 


In this session, the students were involved in a whole group game of Hitchhiker. 

The rules are as follows; one student approaches the car of three other students as a hitchhiker. The hitchhiker expresses an emotion as he/she hops into the car which the rest of the passengers including the driver then take over. Now that the car is full, the driver has to come up with a relevant excuse to leave the car related to the emotion of the newest hitchhiker. 

Check out the creative facial expressions and character improvisations!

Miss Hansen even decided to join in on the fun!


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