Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Problem Solving

In the Kaupeka hub, our Numeracy programme focuses on problem solving. This approach allows students to;


On Monday's, the students are encouraged to discuss, explore and solve the problems given to them with a 'Maths Mate'. On Tuesday's, the students are provided with the opportunity to share their strategies and reflect on their learning within hubs. On Wednesday's and Thursday's workshops are constructed around the needs that were identified from the Monday and Tuesday sessions. On Friday's the students are provided with exciting Numeracy challenges to end the week. 

We have been seeing a lot of engagement and critical thinking from this programme! Other benefits for learning through the problem solving approach;
  • It bases students’ mathematical development on their current knowledge;
  • It is an interesting and enjoyable way to learn mathematics;
  • It is a way to learn new mathematics with greater understanding;
  • It produces positive attitudes towards mathematics;
  • It makes the student a junior research mathematician;
  • It teaches thinking, flexibility and creativity;
  • It teaches general problem solving skills;
  • It encourages cooperative skills;
  • It is a useful way to practice mathematical skills learned by other means.

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