Sunday, 26 February 2017

Makey Makey - Guinea Pig Racetrack

The Kaupeka Hub challenge of Week 3 and 4 was for our students to think of a creative way to use a 'Makey Makey.' 

The challenge was for our Year 7/8 students to find something interesting to hook the Makey Makey up to - to replace the Chromebook keyboard using a computer program (piano software). Each group had to draw up their proposal and explain it to the rest of the hub. The group with the most votes for creative and rational thinking (would this actually work?) were provided the opportunity to implement their design with the Makey Makey.

Ruby, Jorja, Claudia and Liana came up with the exciting idea to design a guinea pig racetrack. In order to play the piano on the Chromebook the guinea pigs had to step on tinfoil that was placed on the racetrack and hooked up to the Makey Makey. 

Meet Bo

Meet Russel

Miss Hansen looking after the guinea pigs while the girls set up the Makey Makey. 
The racetrack.

Russel trailing the racetrack.

After much trial and error, the girls figured out that by attaching tinfoil to the guinea pigs that it would make a better connection with the tinfoil on the racetrack. This enabled the Makey Makey to actually work.

"Our guinea pig racetrack was designed to let the guinea pigs have an enjoyable time while running around the donut shaped track. We had to use food to lure them around when they wouldn’t move themselves. Bo and Russel got a bit shy sometimes, but they managed to make the full circuit, and walk over both of the piano tiles, a.k.a: tinfoil. 

It was a really fun experience using the Makey Makey, and we all really enjoyed it (Bo and Russel did as well)." - Ruby, Jorja, Claudia and Liana.

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